Products & Services

Our Products

Our products are geared to enhance business development to individuals, group of individuals, associations and corporate bodies. We offer a door- to-door Banking services to our clients. The following products we offer are geared towards promoting customers businesses and activities to international level:.

Mobile Accounts

This is a form of Savings account that provide our customers access to banking services in their place of work or business. It can qualify customers with excellent turn over the privilege to access our credit facility.

The Mobile Account is always available at your convenience.

Transfer balances between accounts to pay suppliers or employees.

We offer remote deposit options for your business that allow you to bank where you want and on your schedule, not ours.

Savings Account

The Pillar MicroFinance Savings account is as every other savings account, an account which attracts interest payable to the holder of the account. Our Interest rates on our Savings account is 3%

We offer our savings account customers various bonus incentives on their savings

Our Savings account requires only but a very minimum opening deposit.

Your financial goals are what drive you forward, and we understand how important it is for you to achieve them. That's why, our savings accounts are specifically designed keeping your unique needs in mind

Current Account

The Pillar MicroFinance Current account allows the holder to make withdrawal as many times as possible..

Enjoy access to Loan facilities, electronic banking channels & third party transactions

Tailored to individuals and businesses owned and operated either under their personal names or partnerships.

Our current account allows you zero minimum operating balance, Bill payments and standing instructions, Email and SMS alerts, free monthly E-Statements & lots more

Fixed Deposit Account

This account allows the holder(s) to place fund for a specified period at an agreed rate; we usually offer higher and attractive interest rates..

Interest can be paid at different intervals depending on the term you choose.

Our Interest rates are paid at maturity, annually or monthly

Our Monthly and annual interest rate pay-out ensure that you have the extra income flow and can be reinvested for higher maturity benefits.

Green Account

Like the mobile account, this is also acceptable as collateral for clients who might need loan but do not have a tangible asset to pledge as collateral

Other Products & Services

Salary account

A special account which salary earners/employees receive their salaries. The categories of individuals who can operate this account include; company employees, government workers, youth corpers, etc.

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Social investment account (SIA)

The Social Investment Account (SIA) is used by high net -worth individuals who may want to give financial assistance to the active poor/entrepreneurs in form of grants

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Commercial Loans

Our Commercial loans are provisioned to fund for business expansion, development, fund major capital expenditures and or cover operational costs that the company may otherwise be unable to afford.

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Equipment Leasing

This provides for our customers the availability of certain Assets such trucks, buses, refrigerators, generators etc which are purchased for our customers who require such tangible assets as loans.

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Christmas account

This is a special savings account which entails customers to save for a long period (one year) at an agreed interest rate of 10%..

Local Funds Transfer

We accept and remit fund to clients in any part of the country through commercial banks.